Photographs from Annual 10k Road Race

A selection of photographs taken at the Annual 10k Road Race which commenced in or near St. Ives on 20/07/2008


Annual 10k Road Race Album

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Final turn from Hill Rise into California Road


Runners returning to the St Ives Outdoor Centre


The last 50 metres


Competitors collecting runners medals


Madeline Boardman, 3rd in the ladies section


Rachel Sutcliffe, 2nd in the ladies section


Tamara Gordon, the winner of the ladies section


David Dickinson, 3rd in the mens section


Francisco Perez-cutino, 2nd in the mens section


Andrew Hennessy, the Winner (Mens section)


The leaders of the pack at the start


BANG and the're off!


Under starters orders!


Runners collecting their numbers


Spectators gather at the bar!


Runners Gather at the outdoor rec!