Oliver Cromwell's Father

Oliver Cromwell's Father, Robert Cromwell

Robert Cromwell

Cromwell Arms


Robert Cromwell was considered a gentleman by the society of the 17th Century and was admitted into Lincolns Inn. He became Member of Parliament for Huntingdon in 1593 and in 1600 Justice of the Peace, and Bailiff of Huntingdon, (similar to a modern day Mayor)

He married Elizabeth, daughter of William Steward of Ely, widow of son and heir to John Lynne of Bassingbourne. She lived with her son Oliver Cromwell at Whitehall. She died on 18th November 1654, and was buried at Westminster Abbey, but was removed to St Margaret’s Chapel at the Restoration. Her Brother, Sir Thomas Steward died in 1636, and left his fortune to his nephew, Oliver Cromwell.

Robert Cromwell died in 1617 and was buried at All Saints Church, Huntingdon on the 24th June.