Oliver Cromwell's Wood Farm

Oliver Cromwell's Wood Farm at Green End in St Ives, Huntingdonshire

Cromwell's Barn and Green End Farm, Ramsey Road, St Ives

Cromwell Arms


Edward Pettis records that Oliver Cromwell lived at Wood Farm at Green End, St Ives. There are no records of a Wood Farm but there was a Green End Farm at the junction of Ramsey Road and Houghton Road until quite recently and that end of town was, in fact part of it still is, wooded (The Thicket Nature Reserve).

Was Green End Farm the Wood Farm rented by Cromwell? No proof exists, although in its grounds once stood a barn known locally as Cromwell's Barn. During his stay in St Ives there was no enclosure, this didn’t happen until the end of the 1800s, so placing any common ground where he may of grazed his livestock, or the exact position of Wood Farm are difficult in the modern landscape. Local legend has it that Cromwell drilled his soldiers in the barn, but again there is no proof. There is an issue with this account as Pettis records that Wood Farm was located "a little way behind" old Slepe Hall and if this is correct Green End Farm is not in the right location as described by Pettis.

Cromwell's Barn, formerly in Ramsey Road St Ives


The interior of Cromwell's Barn


Strangely this wonderful barn that was rated to be in good condition in the inventory of Historical Monuments In Huntingdonshire, dated 22nd June 1926, part of a Royal Commission of Historical Monuments, what could possibly of happened to require its demolition during the mid sixties? From the pictures you will see that it was a sad loss.