Denise's Flowers, in St Ives

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5 Bull Lane, St Ives, PE27 5AX - Tel: (01480 unless stated) 461224

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5 Bull Lane, St Ives, PE27 5AX - Tel: (01480 unless stated) 461224


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Denise's Flowers operates from a tiny but busy shop in the heart of the old town of St Ives. Our shop is easy to get to from the town centre, simply walk about 100 paces down the passage at the side of the Free Church and you will find us where the Free Church Passage meets Bull Lane, our shop is on the corner were they meet.

If your need for some flowers is urgent we usually have a good selection of fresh blooms in the shop but if you have time on your hands you may order what you prefer obviously subject to season and availability.

We also carry a stock of florists supplies such as Oasis Floral Foam, Florists Wire, etc.. for those who wish to make up their own arrangements. We are also affiliated with eFlorist. (eFlorist Ltd is the new trading name for the business formerly known as Teleflorist.) and we can send flowers by wire almost anywhere on your behalf.

We look forward to meeting you.


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Tied Bouquet, on sale at Denise's Flowers in St Ives, Cambridgeshire

Tied Bouquet - TB/122


£ 30.00

The picture and price here is to give you an idea of what a Tied Bouquet looks like. The actual blooms used will depend upon the season and your budget and preferences.

You may collect your purchase from our shop or we can deliver in the St Ives area for an additional charge of £2.50. Please ask for delivery charges outside St Ives. 


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Flower Arrangements of all sizes

We can supply a huge range of cut flower arrangement types and sizes, from simple buttons and bouquets, through small table decorations to large pedestal arrangements .

We can create and deliver one item or we can decorate an entire building like a hall for a party or a church for a wedding. What ever you desire if its to do with cut flowers then give us a call and let us quote for your requirement.

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Blooms from Denise's Flowers

Blooms from Denise's Flowers


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More Blooms from Denise's Flowers


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