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BBC News - Cambridgeshire Fri, 24 Jan 2020 00:21:19 GMT

BBC News - Cambridgeshire

BBC News - Cambridgeshire

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Peterborough GP's Alps hike death due to 'natural causes'

"Keen cyclist and avid walker" Robert Bailey had a number of pre-existing conditions.

Cambridgeshire electric bin lorry 'better for climate change'

Electric vehicles cost more to buy, but could be cheaper to run, a council says.

Cambridgeshire crash police officer drove with 'increased risk'

The policeman had been pursuing a stolen van when he hit the suspect, causing serious injury.

'Distracted' doctor killed Jessica Howe in M11 crash

Dr Jane Maraka was probably distracted by her two young children, a judge says.

Ex-PC Phillip Richardson sentenced for child abuse images

Phillip Richardson is given a suspended jail sentence and told "public revulsion" is part of his punishment.

Cambridge University's King's College Chapel lawn to become meadow

The university gardeners want to turn the manicured grass into a "biodiversity-rich ecosystem".

Peterborough restaurant closed in police rape inquiry

Police believe the restaurant has been used "for serious child sex offences".

Oakington house badly damaged in blaze

The owner of the house was not in the property at the time, the fire service says.