Expired Local News Items from St. Ives

Displayed here, in reverese chronological order (latest first), are expired Local News items that were entered by website members form St. Ives in Cambridgeshire more than a month ago.


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

St Ives Carnival 2010

Next years St Ives Carnival is a week early on 3rd and 4th July 2010, so don't get caught out and miss it. Remember next year celebrates 900 years of the town's market charter so if you have not been involved with the carnival before now is the time to do something special and join in - you have had enough notice of the date!

More information about St Ives Carnival 2010


A local news item from Dreamdrops - Huntingdon Childrens Charity


Dreamdrops, the Huntingdon Childrens Charity based in St Ives, that fund-raises for the childrens wards at Hinchingbrooke Hospital are now members of the St Town website and loads more details of our activities and forthcoming events can and will be found here and on the other Huntingdonshire member websites. If you don't know who we are, follow the link...

More information about Dreamdrops


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

Things out of town

The St Ives Town Web now displays on the summary pages organisations and businesses who are site members but are located out of town but within about 5km. We are also beginning to display the reverse where the details of member organisations and businesses in St Ives are displayed on our parish websites within 5km.


A local news item from Roman Catholic Parish of St Ives

Pilgrimages to Palestine

Father Paul Maddison of the Sacred Heart RC Church in St Ives has been organising tours and pilgrimages to the Holy Land for the last few years and these have become increasingly popular. He has decided to expand this activity and you can find out all about it from the new website, just follow the link...


A local news item from The Welcome Chinese Restaurant

Take Away Menu

The entire take-away menu of the Welcome Chinese Restuarant is now available on-line here - follow the link.

We hope to be adding descriptions of some of the dishes and possbily photographs in the near future

More information about Take Away Menu


A local news item from Leeds Day Solicitors

Splitting up?

Going through a divorce or separation? Why not contact our specialist family law team who can take you through the options, including collaborative law. You should also look to update or make a new Will if your circumstances have changed. Our Wills and Probate team in St Ives are ready to take your call. Contact either Simon Thomas or Marie Asquith for more information or visit our website.


A local news item from Leeds Day Solicitors

It takes two to untangle

Collaborative law unravelled


A local news item from Leeds Day Solicitors

Leeds Day make a move

Leeds Day Solicitors have moved from East Street to new premises at 11 Station Road in St Ives.


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

News System Up & Running

We have created an additional service where site members can add news items about their organisation so that they can bring them to the attention of the users of this website by being displayed here.

But so you don't get bored with old messages they are only displayed for a week before being automatically moved into the news archive.



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