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A local news item from Leeds Day Solicitors

Splitting up?

Going through a divorce or separation? Why not contact our specialist family law team who can take you through the options, including collaborative law. You should also look to update or make a new Will if your circumstances have changed. Our Wills and Probate team in St Ives are ready to take your call. Contact either Simon Thomas or Marie Asquith for more information or visit our website.


A local news item from Leeds Day Solicitors

It takes two to untangle

Collaborative law unravelled


A local news item from Leeds Day Solicitors

Leeds Day make a move

Leeds Day Solicitors have moved from East Street to new premises at 11 Station Road in St Ives.


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

News System Up & Running

We have created an additional service where site members can add news items about their organisation so that they can bring them to the attention of the users of this website by being displayed here.

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