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A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com


Want to see something funny but devastatingly accurate then here's your chance. There are public showings of BREXIT the Movie coming soon to a place near you:

Hilton Village Hall at 7.30pm on 7th June
St Ives Corn Exchange at 7.30pm on 8th June
Hemingford Grey Reading Room at 7.30pm on 10th June
Hemingford Abbots Village Hall at 7.30pm on 15th June

but if you cannot make it to any of the above then you may follow the link below and watch the movie on-line if you prefer...

More information about BREXIT THE MOVIE!


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

Niche Comics and Bookshop

We welcome Niche Comics and Bookshop as new commercial members of the Huntingdonshire Websites.

Niche Comics and Bookshop is located within an historic Tudor building on the High Street in Huntingdon. They retail a vast range of books, comics and games and hold a number of book, comic and game related events throughout the year including some where they give away comics to the customers, so keep an eye on what they plan to do next...

More information about Niche Comics and Bookshop


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Emma Read - Freelance Virtual Assistant

We welcome Emma Read, potentially your Freelance Virtual Assistant, as a new commercial member of the Huntingdonshire Websites.

Emma, based in Somersham but working for you via the Internet, provides freelance support whenever you need it. Services include internet research, proofreading, editing, document formatting, page layout and design, setting up and maintaining a database or CRM system, diary and email management, travel and event management and much, much more...

More information about Emma Read - Freelance Virtual Assistant


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Running an event?

If you are organising an event in Huntingdonshire in the coming months then don't forget to put it on our websites. Either follow the link below and enter the details yourself - it's easy - or send details to the webmaster using the CONTACT button above.

Our EVENT DIARY displays on over 50 websites throughout Huntingdonshire and is seen by over 20,000 users per month. The earlier you publish your event details then the more people get to see it.

More information about Running an event?


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Huntingdonshire Day

Monday, 25th April, is Huntingdonshire Day and also the birthday of Oliver Cromwell. It's not a coincidence but the reason why. The Huntingdonshire Society who thought we should have our own 'day' back in 2002 seems to have vanished into the mists of time but that's no reason we should not celebrate Huntingdonshire Day!

They also designed the Huntingdonshire Flag, a Golden Horn on a green background, an adaptation of which we use as our logo for the Huntingdonshire websites.

You can read more about all this in the Wikipedia entry for Huntingdonshire. Just follow the link below...

More information about Huntingdonshire Day


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Are your Tweets missing?

If your Huntingdonshire organisation or business is featured on one of our websites and we have missed off your Social Media links to Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn then let us know and we'll see if we can put them on your pages on the website.

Similarly if you have a YouTube video or a Blog solely about your organisation or business then let have the URLs of those too.

You can use the Feedback page to do this or the email information on our contact page.

More information about Are your Tweets missing?


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Spice of Asia

The Kushiara Tandoori in Bridge Street, St Ives, changes its name to the Spice of Asia and has become a Licenced Restaurant. We wish them Good Luck with their new venture.

More information about Spice of Asia


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

Welcome to Harvey Robinson

We welcome Harvey Robinson Independent Estate Agents who have opened a new office in White Hart Court, St Ives, to compliment their existing offices in Huntingdon and St Neots

More information about Welcome to Harvey Robinson


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Web Service Update

Over the next couple of weeks we will be moving some of our Huntingdonshire community websites onto a new, locally based, server. The sites will be moved one at a time but whilst this is in progress each site will be unavailable for use for a short period.

We apologise in advance for this interruption and assure you that we will try to keep the down time to a minimum.


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com


Huntingdon's Mayor will open a NEW Charity Shop, the Huntingdon Together Community Charity Shop, on behalf of the Huntingdonshire Volunteeer Centre on Saturday 30th Jan at 11.30.

The shop is easy to find as it is right opposite the library, in Princes Street, just off Huntingdon's Market Place.

More information about MAYOR TO OPEN NEW CHARITY SHOP



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