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A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

Mobile Upgrade

We are still working on upgrading the websites to the latest standard so they work well with the currently popular mobile devices like Smart Phones and Tablets. You will begin to see the changes over the next month or so as we apply the new code a lot of which is being tested on the St Ives website which you can visit if you follow the link below.

More information about Mobile Upgrade


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com


Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and keep up with all the major things, and some of the smaller ones too, going on right across Huntingdonshire and into our neighbouring districts.

If you are doing something interesting in Huntingdonshire and you Tweet about it, copy us in @HuntsWeb and we will probably re-tweet your message

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A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

Mobile Devices!

It's been a busy time as we figure out some more alterations to our websites to support the rapidly increasing use of touch screen mobile devices and devices of varying screen size.

So expect some more significant changes over the coming weeks especially to the section user menus like the example on the link below. We will be testing the use of the new style menus for a little while before rolling them out to all our Huntingdonshire websites.

More information about Mobile Devices!


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com


Thank you to everyone who uses our websites, we wich you all a happy Christmas and hope you have a prosperous New Year.


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

HunstWeb's Google+

Commenced the build of our own Google+ community to allow our members to interact with us and one another. This should be an interesting little project which may take a little while to complete as it has to take second place tou our normal daily duties. We will give more details in the next Newsletter.

More information about HunstWeb's Google+


A local news item from The Golden Lion Hotel

Golden Lion's Christmas Menu

Grab yourself a copy of this years Christmas Menu from the Golden Lion Hotel in St Ives and then book yourself a table...

(Clicking the link will download a two-page colour PDF that you may read or print at your leisure.)

More information about Golden Lion's Christmas Menu


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com


Our 2nd Newsletter is now available to download or read online. It tells you what we have been up to for the last few weeks and about some of our new members.

The Newsletter also has some tips and ideas for members on how we can help pre-Christmas marketing of events, products and services. Anyway enough of all of that go and read it...

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A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

The Kingfisher Church

We welcome the Kingfisher Church of Little Paxton and St Neots as new members of the Huntingdonshire websites. We look forward to working with Mark Slater to add further information about the Kingfisher Church over the coming weeks.

More information about The Kingfisher Church


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

BiG sponsor GMC Rovers v Yaxley

BiG | Business in Godmanchester are proud to be match sponsors for Godmanchester Rovers FA Vase game against Yaxley FC on Saturday, 3pm at Bearscroft Ground

More information about BiG sponsor GMC Rovers v Yaxley


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com


The Huntingdonshire branch of the Royal British Legion desperately needs some new members to ensure their survival. You do not need to have been a member of the Armed Forces to join, all that is required is that you agree with their goals and aspirations.

If you are interested then pop along to their AGM at the Community Room at Tescos at 7.30pm on the 4th November.




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